Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sitting Up!

Ainslie's growing up fast!

Family Pictures

On Friday, Josh's Dad came up to take some engagement pictures of Josh's brother, Adam and his fiancee, Angie. They were looking for a spot with some nice fall colors and ended up going to Hobble Creek Canyon. We tagged along and ended up at the spot where we had our engagement pictures taken almost three years ago. While Davee was taking pictures of the soon-to-be-marrieds, we got Breezy to take a few family pictures of us on a familiar fence (above). We think she did a pretty good job (must be in a photography class or something . . .)
A long time ago:

Not such a long time ago:
After the light ran out in the canyon, we had everybody over to our apartment for some pizza and a little birthday celebration for Josh. We always like having everyone over, and it gets to be even more fun as our place gets to be a little more "equipped." We don't have much for sitting on in the living room, but Ainslie's room is coming together very nicely:

The kitchen is looking pretty good these days with the table that Janae refinished and painted, and the Swiss cow adds a nice little touch of "welcome":

We've also been busy getting our apartment set up with a wireless connection, so now we can work from any room in the house! Josh has been loving the washer and dryer that we got from Jenica and Justin. What more could we ask for in an apartment? Maybe something to sit on in the living room. Ainslie doesn't mind the floor too much . . .
Coming soon: Couches!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Still here . . .

When we got home from Europe, we were committed to continuing the blog and posting about the things that we're up to. We were convinced that life at home would still be worth blogging about, and although the pictures are far less exciting, life is still plenty interesting. So why haven't we posted?

Well, we started school (Josh and Janae) and moved into a new apartment, and we've been pretty well consumed with everything else that goes along with school and apartment stuff since then. But, things are going well for us, and they just keep getting better.
Janae started her class work in the Masters of Public Policy program here at BYU. Josh started classes a week or so before that. We've been able to work out our schedules so that we can watch Ainslie most of the time. She gets to come to a class or two doing the week, and we're very grateful to Josh's mom and our sister-in-law Karrie for their help in taking care of Ainslie a few times a week. It's great to be close to family that supports us with our school work.

Aside from school and packing we've been busy with other things too. Like trying to find new furniture to replace the pillows we've been sitting on in the living room (we decided with the help of our volunteer moving crew that it wouldn't be worth it to move our rather hefty couch to our new second floor apartment, and off to the dump it went). Ainslie's been working on sucking her toes, and we've all been enjoying a good episode of Antiques Roadshow when we can (we don't have the fancy cable anymore).

We also decided to give in and start paying for an internet connection at home to make homework easier to do. Now we can google, email, blog, and everything else from the comfort of our own living room. So, now that we're connected, there will definitely be more to come. Stay tuned . . .