Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bob Dylan

This past Thursday we headed out to California for a quick trip. We flew out Thursday afternoon, and we were home Friday afternoon. Why such a quick trip? Well, Josh's mom had some great tickets . . . To a great concert, and she and Michael asked us to come along. How can you say no to this?Before the show, we had fun hanging out in Hollywood with Jody and Michael, checking out several of the tourist-y things to see around those parts and watching for movie stars. Then we headed over to the Palladium for the show. We had some great seats in the VIP section. We all knew the tickets were good, but we were pretty surprised when Johnny Depp and his entourage walked in and sat down just a few tables away from us. We even got to say "hi" to Mr. Depp at the end of the show.

The concert was amazing. Dylan is still going strong, and he and the band put on a great show. After the concert was done we headed out to haggle with a few vendors on the street for some concert shirts before we found ourselves at Denny's eating some midnight breakfast slams. It was quite the night. And to top things off, when we got back to the hotel we sampled some fantastic Amano chocolates that Josh's mom brought along for the trip.

Great concert. Great chocolate. Great night. But mostly great fun with family.